Matte Elsbernd web publisher. writer. photographer. 26 years experience.
This is the work of one man. I used to joke back in 1994/1995 that I had erased more things from my website than most people ever put on. 26 years later, I can say I have built quite a lot of websites. I've done the client/corporate thing, but additionally, I have created quite a few well-known, high-traffic sites. Not bad for someone in the their sparetime. Take this as an opportunity to explore. Trust me, there's quite a lot here, so keep an eye on the clock and don't spend all day. You can always come back later.
manager. brainstormer. strategist. entrepreneur. product manager. web designer. web programmer. information architect. creative director. web producer. ui designer. php/mysql programmer. traffic/stats analyst. html hand coder. copyeditor. writer. tinkerer. photographer. self-motivator. big picture person. detail-oriented. hands-on kinda guy.
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(Not So) Used Ideas
The Firm List
The Tribe of Woolgatherers
Ransom Letters
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> Alphabet Stew -w
> American Freak Show -w
> Anyways...* -iw
> apocalypse -w
> Archives -m
> As Searched On...* -m
> Behind the Firm List Blog -w
> BehindtheURL -r
> Bloom -w
> Books I've Read -m
> Browser Wars* -a
> The Burroughs Proceedings -w
> Death of a Moth -w
> Dr. Woolittle -h
> 8Track On My Mind* -i
> The Electrical Socket* -m
> The Filmsite Graveyard* -m
> The Firm List* -ir
> Formulaic* -a
> fotomatte -p
> HexHues -ir
> I'm Dreaming of a Wool Christmas -h
> If I Had But 1/2 A Brain* -i
> LinkArt* -a
> MatteNet -aim
> No More Web* -iw
> (Not So) Used Ideas -hiw
> Periodically Coherent -f
> The PhiloMOMA -a
> Ransom Letters -f
> Society of Postmodern Archaeologists* -hw
> Socketboy in the Land of Splish* -ah
> Soiled Wool -h
> SteelWool -h
> Talking : The Dialogue Series -w
> Touch Tone TT -f
> The Tribe of Woolgatherers -h
> 2001 A Wool Odyssey -p
> Waking Up To Find You're Still Dreaming -hw
> WoolFest '99 -p
> WoolFest2000 -p
> Words Never Spoken -w
> Work, the Wool & the Web* -h
a = art   f = font   h = humor   i = interactive   m = misc.   p = photo   r = resource   w = writing
* indicates archived project (frozen in time with no planned future additions)
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Books I've Just Read
Heidi Heckelbeck Lends a Hand
   Wanda Coven
Invisible Countries
   Joshua Keating
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
   J.K. Rowling
The Laws of Simplicity
   John Maeda
The Man Who Played With Fire
   Jan Stocklassa
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