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Most people are unfamiliar with our organization which happens to go back for generations. It has taken nearly two-hundred years, but we're finally going online. Once at the forefront of the "communication revolution" with our inclusion of mailcarriers into our fold in 1819, we now aim to catch-up. Since 1867, we have been publishing our Society's facts, findings, and rumours in the Postmodern Archaeology Report the authoritative source for information on Postmodern Archaeology both theoretical and applied.

The Report is distributed worldwide to our Society's members. Initially, our online offering will be modest, giving you a glimpse at the most important or in some cases most interesting parts. Eventually the Society hopes to bring more of our rich heritage to the internet as well as chart new paths into the future.

If you are interested in learning more about The Society of Postmodern Archaeologists & Mailcarriers email us.

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