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had a thought sunday, march 03, 2002 - Matte Mirienne
"...then in the daytime she would weave at the great web..." -- the odessy - arielab
Sol - Michael Cunanan
Go on, we all know you have dreams of doing anything besides what you're doing now. The web was unlikely your first choice of careers, and it's certainly not going to be your last.

So what do you dream about doing during those long days and nights of grinding work? What have you always wanted to do, but haven't? If you made your millions, what would you go an do?

This is a simple little site where you can share your dreams with other people who are dreaming of what they wish they could be doing. Who knows, someone else may share the same dreams. Who knows, maybe they will email you and share their ideas and visions. And who knows, maybe you'll find someone to help you make your dreams real.

We can only dream.

Matte Elsbernd
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