had a thought sunday, march 03, 2002 - 4 Apr 2002

that what you do means something. that what you are is beyond the ordinary. that you are someone worth knowing. that you have accomplished something. that you are recognized for such accomplishments. that you have made those that notice these things notice. that you understand these things as important. that you have tried harder than just tried. that you have not failed. that you are not a failure. that you are successful, victorious, proud. that these things do not matter to you as much as the opportunity to do what you love in life. that this life is the only life you would live if you had the chance to live any other life. that this is it. that this won't hurt a bit. that this is all that you ever wanted, sought and now have stylishly flaunted. that the beginning was as sweet as the end. that the end that inevitably comes will be nothing more than another successful beginning. that you are the only one who could have done it with such grace and ability. that there is but one of you in the whole history of existence past, present and whatever else might come. that you are loved. that you can love. that all you've ever had was love. that what hurt what pain there was is gone. that you've made things right. that you've done your best. that you've done more than your best. that you are statisfied. that when night has come you are confident that morning will come. that you will be there to greet the sun. that you are finally done.
  Matte Mirienne  
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