The Truth of Damage....(revised) - 27 May 2002

I run back and forth from one obsurdity to the other trying to reconcile the extremes; desperate to find somewhere, anywhere, some....... balance. In my unplugged exsistance we stumble about in our shells coughing out our machvellian dramas, pointing a finger to blame with one hand whilst trying to remove the dagger (burried far too deep in the spine for anyone's good) with the other.

In my technophile mode I wollow in the logic, consumed by the array, convinced that this whole thing in and of itself carries with it some meaningful substance beyond it's utility, sadly echoing the hope I hold secretly for myself: "I am therefore I must be."

But I know better of both, the fact that maddness is the rule and any expectation of virtue through logic is fantasy. The fact is chaos and entropy swirl about us and it is only the inappropriate optimisim of the human soul keeps it all at bay.

How fragile then We all must be.
  Michael Cunanan  
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