Matte Elsbernd web publisher. writer. photographer. 30 years experience.
The web has always attracted me as a way to express my ideas. My ideas come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it's visual, verbal or programmatical, I've found some way to explore them, whether it turned into an actual website, stopped as a small demo, or remains simply an (not so) used idea that is waiting for someone else to take up and run with.
The sites/projects below are pretty much 100% my work from idea to writing, design, development, etc. I think it's a pretty impressive list, but it's still just a sliver of the ones I've wanted to build.
Sites/Projects of Matte Elsbernd
Live Sites/Projects (28)
Alphabet Stew - A collection of poems.
American Freak Show - A collection of my poems.
apocalypse - A poem, in multiple parts.
Archives (since 2000) - The historical archive of my sites going back to 1994.
Behind the Firm List Blog - What's going on behind The Firm List.
Bloom - A short story.
Books I've Read (since 1995) - A directory of books I've read since 1988.
The Burroughs Proceedings - Writing experiment using cut-ups.
Death of a Moth - A short story.
Dr. Woolittle - Animal humor. A Tribe of Woolgatherers affiliate site.
fotomatte (since 2004) - A collection of photos i've taken from around the world and here at home.
HexHues (since 1996) - Where you name the colors.
I'm Dreaming of a Wool Christmas - Holiday humor. A Tribe of Woolgatherers affiliate site.
MatteNet (since 1994) - The personal pages of Matte Elsbernd, his original site dating back to 1994/1995.
(Not So) Used Ideas - A collection of ideas I've never had a chance to work on.
Periodically Coherent (since 1996) - Ever tried to spell words using the Periodic Table? Well, now you can.
The PhiloMOMA (since 2014)
Ransom Letters (since 1996) - For the next time you need to send a random, neurotic communique.
Soiled Wool - Presidential humor. A Tribe of Woolgatherers affiliate site.
SteelWool - Stupid people humor. A Tribe of Woolgatherers affiliate site.
Talking : The Dialogue Series - An interactive short story.
Touch Tone TT (since 1998) - Write words using your touch tone phone.
The Tribe of Woolgatherers (since 1993) - Humor email list & archives.
2001 A Wool Odyssey - Gathering of Woolgatherers in 2001.
Waking Up To Find You're Still Dreaming - A stream of consciousness short story.
WoolFest '99 - Gathering of Woolgatherers in 1999.
WoolFest2000 - Gathering of Woolgatherers in 2000.
Words Never Spoken - A collection of my poetry.
Archived Sites/Projects (15)
Anyways... (1998 - 2002) - An interactive/collaborative story-telling experiment.
As Searched On... (2000 - 2002) - An examination of Referrer Log Files
BehindtheURL (2000 - 2023) - Simple and easy WHOIS search along with a guide to TLDs from around the world.
Browser Wars (1997 - 2000) - A gallery of commercial web browser possibilities.
8Track On My Mind (1998 - 2003) - Mix tape recipes.
The Electrical Socket (1996 - 2008) - The hub of all the ideas/web projects of Matte Elsbernd since 1996.
The Filmsite Graveyard (1999 - 2001) - A collection of ghost URLs used by the film industry.
The Firm List (1998 - 2019) - A directory featuring web design/development firms from over 170 countries.
Formulaic (1998 - 1999) - Having a little fun (and art) with forms.
If I Had But 1/2 A Brain (1997 - 2002) - Have a url, but no idea? Brainstorms for those who need help.
LinkArt (1998 - 1999) - Pieces of art starting with just a handful of links.
No More Web (2000 - 2007) - Dreams about life outside the web, by those who work in it.
Society of Postmodern Archaeologists (1995 - 1996) - Unearthed records from a little known organization.
Socketboy in the Land of Splish (1998 - 2002) - Normally those annoying first pages of a website, here they are the whole website.
Work, the Wool & the Web - Humor about the web & work. A Tribe of Woolgatherers affiliate site.
Past Sites/Projects (21)
Another 2nd Chance (2006 - 2012) - Giving a 2nd chance to firm sites done dark.
Anywhere.? (1997 - 2008) - Guide to TLDs from around the world.
Black Sheep - Online blackjack. A Tribe of Woolgatherers affiliate site.
Brainstorm Kollectiv (1998 - 1999) - Brainstorm services for hire.
Click Me! (1998 - 2000) - A portfolio of banner ads.
CopyMatte - My collection of writings on the web.
Cult of the Monkey - A secret society - of course. The Cult of the Monkey - you hadn't heard of it??
FindWool - Search engine for searching the archives of The Tribe of Woolgatherers.
The Firm List 2 - A guide to game companies, similar to my directory of web design firms. - As indicated by the URL, this was a version of my online portfolio.
Lost on the Internet (1999 - 2001) - Can't find the page you were looking for? Send a postcard to a friend.
photolog (2002 - 2003) - A selection of photos from any given day.
Quick Wool - Need a quickie? A humor quickie, I meant.
RestFest (1999 - 2001) - 8 hours work. 8 hours play. 8 hours rest.
ScreenShots (closed in 1998) - An online portfolio of web projects I've worked on. - a little URL shortener
Socket Shirts (1999 - 2004) - A small boutique of shirts from my various projects.
Stories : Words Are Dangerous (closed in 2008) - A small collection of small stories.
2FND (2000 - 2001) - Search the web for web design firms.
VanityURL (1999 - 2001) - Short, URL redirection service.
WoolMail - Webmail service for members of The Tribe of Woolgatherers.
Sites/Projects In Progress (3)
I'm keeping this list private for now, as these are sites/projects in development and will (hopefully) be launching soon.
Sold/Transferred Sites/Projects (3)
The New Baby Name Index - Online baby name resource. This is now in the hands of my friend Scott.
RESRC - Guide to new media resources from around the world. - This was going to be a training site for web professionals, before I sold it.
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