Matte Elsbernd web publisher. writer. photographer. 30 years experience.
Don't you just want to laugh? No, not because of how silly this site is, but because of something truly funny. Well, no matter what you're sense of humor is like, I hope I have something for you to laugh at.
Try and not wake up the neighbors with all of your laughing.
Selected Projects
The Tribe of Woolgatherers
Humor: It's Okay to Laugh At Me
> Dr. Woolittle
> I'm Dreaming of a Wool Christmas
> (Not So) Used Ideas
> Society of Postmodern Archaeologists*
> Socketboy in the Land of Splish*
> Soiled Wool
> SteelWool
> The Tribe of Woolgatherers
> Waking Up To Find You're Still Dreaming
> Work, the Wool & the Web*
* indicates archived project (frozen in time with no future additions)
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