Matte Elsbernd web publisher. writer. photographer. 30 years experience.
The web has always attracted me as a way to express my ideas. My ideas come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it's visual, verbal or programmatical, I've found some way to explore them, whether it turned into an actual website, stopped as a small demo, or remains simply an (not so) used idea that is waiting for someone else to take up and run with.
The sites/projects below are pretty much 100% my work from idea to writing, design, development, etc. I think it's a pretty impressive list, but it's still just a sliver of the ones I've wanted to build.
What's New: The Latest Developments
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What Was New in 1999
The Firm List (December 29, 1999)
Major Updates
Completed major updates of the firm listings after a flood of new press & mentions in email groups, on websites and word of mouth. Thanks!
The Firm List (December 21, 1999)
Boston Metro Area
I have added a section for the Boston metro area. More metro areas are coming soon.
The Firm List (November 17, 1999)
Updated Firm Submissions Process
I've just revised the firm submission process in the hopes of making it a bit less confusing.
The Firm List (November 17, 1999)
Update Your Firm's Listing
I've created a section for firms to update or add to the information they have submitted. If you would like to make any changes, go here.
The Firm List (November 17, 1999)
Updated Site Search Options
Updated the site search options, to allow for you to search form a firm that has indicated they speak a certain language. This way you can find a firm that will be able to communicate with you. Try it here.
The Firm List (November 11, 1999)
The Firm List Teams with Epinions
For those of you who haven't heard of them yet, Epinions is a place where you can share your opinions about all sorts of goods and services. We've teamed up with them to offer a Firm List version (no longer online), take a look at it and give an opinion!
The Firm List (November 10, 1999)
More City Pages
I've added more city pages, including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Nashville, Madrid, Moscow Montreal and more... You can view this list here.
BehindtheURL (November 10, 1999)
Updated WHOIS on Tools @ The Firm List
I've upgraded the WHOIS tool to account for the fact that if you search Network Solution's Registry it will not tell you if it has been registered at another Registrar.
RestFest (November 1, 1999)
Introducing RestFest
Working in the tech industry, I see so many people burning through long hours for the brass ring. Well, too many people are working harder and longer than they should. They need a rest.
The Firm List (October 21, 1999)
New Metro Areas
Launched the first of several "metro area" pages, Los Angeles, CA - USA. I'll admit it's still in the rough stages of development. Would love to hear some suggestions and possible features. Just trying to make it easier to find the right firm for the job.
The Electrical Socket (October 16, 1999)
Mirrored Goodness
I finally went ahead and got and so that they now point here. No one can steal my thunder now. :)
Anyways... (October 12, 1999)
New Story
I added a new story to Anyways... that was submitted by a reader. Go add to the story.
The Firm List (October 5, 1999)
3,000 Firms and Counting
The Firm List received it's 1,000th registration by a web design firm, Buzzword, Inc. Already totalling more than 3,000 firm listings, we can now boast to having more web design firms using the site than other web design firm guides have in their entire directory!
The Electrical Socket (September 28, 1999)
Radio24 Mention
My site(s) were mentioned on the Swiss site Radio24, in their WebNews section for September 27, 1999.
The Firm List (September 27, 1999)
Firm List Host Issues
The Firm List's web host had some problems this weekend and the Firm List was down at times, some of the scripts weren't working at other times, and the email may not have been working the whole time. So if you recently submitted your firm to the List and haven't received an email or seen your firm added to the list, please contact me.
The Firm List (September 17, 1999)
Expanded Features
I am slowly developing an expanded set of tools & resources for the site. Check out the page for Arizona to get a glimpse of some of the new features, including maps provided by Expedia Maps. Watch for these features and more to slowly be delivered across the site.
The Firm List (September 14, 1999)
The Firm List Tools
I've finally added tools to the Resources & Tools section. These tools include a WHOIS search for several countries' TLDs, a guide to country level TLDs and a tool to help you register your sites with search engines.
The Firm List (September 13, 1999)
Splash Page Gallery
A long-awaited feature is finally going live. Take a look at the growing collection of splash pages designed by various web designers for The Firm List. If you didn't see them when entering the site, go see them all in the Splash Page Gallery.
The Firm List (September 10, 1999)
New Spotlight with Laura Reilein
There's a new Spotlight up, this time on Laura Reilein (no longer online), the creative director at MindSpring Web Design. Get to know her!
The Electrical Socket (September 7, 1999)
3rd Anniversary
Today marked the 3rd Anniversary of The Electrical Socket. Pretty weird to think I have been working on it this long. It's changed a lot. Take a look at a version of this site from 1997 here.
The Filmsite Graveyard (August 27, 1999)
Introducing The Filmsite Graveyard
I finally put up a small little site I've been working on. It's not much. It's the The Filmsite Graveyard and it's a collection of URLs lost to movies. If anything is going to deplete the .com selection, it's movie URLs.
Periodically Coherent (August 26, 1999)
New Elements?
A nice visitor to my site informed me of several new elements that have been added to the periodic table this I last bothered to check. So I went ahead and updated the image font Periodically Coherent to reflect these new elements. Have fun creating more words!
The New Baby Name Index (August 25, 1999)
MSNBC Mention
The New Baby Name Index was mention in an article on MSNBC, read the article here.
Work, the Wool & the Web (August 24, 1999)
Introducing Work, the Wool & the Web
I've added a new Woolgatherer site! If you're into humor related to work and the web, this is the place for you. Visit Work, the Wool & the Web.
The Firm List (August 19, 1999)
Expanded Browsing
I've redeveloped the browsing feature. Now you can browse the firms by city, state/province, country and soon by metro area. Using drop down menu, quickly ump to the area you want to view, whether its right next door or on the other side of the world.
Socketboy in the Land of Splish (August 18, 1999)
Splishy Updates
Finally got to add some new Splish Pages to Socketboy in the Land of Splish. I know many of you have been waiting for a new batch, well, get them while they're hot! I've also added a convenient listing of all the splish pages.
The Electrical Socket (August 18, 1999)
Fierce Site of the Week
The Electrical Socket was awarded the Fierce Site of the Week award for the week of August 18-25. Take a look at the review of my site. And no, I am not Scandanavian, I am a Californian.
The Firm List (August 13, 1999)
Expanded Sidebar
I completed the development of my sidebar system I hope to roll out across the site soon. You can get a look at it here nd here. Test out the polling system too. Please feel free to suggest ideas for things you'd like to see featured in this new sidebar area.
The Firm List (August 12, 1999)
Suggest a Page to a Friend
I've added a button at the bottom of most pages that allows you to send a suggestion to friends to visit a particular page or if you'd like, you can have it send ourself a reminder to return to a particular page.
The Tribe of Woolgatherers (August 9, 1999)
The Tribe Gets Its Own URL
The Tribe of Woolgatherers has been moved to it's brand spankin' new URL, Check it out!
The New Baby Name Index (August 6, 1999)
AOL UK Hot Site of the Week
The New Baby Name Index was picked as one of AOL UK's Hot Sites of the Week.
The Firm List (August 4, 1999)
Mentioned by AZIPA
The Firm List was mentioned in a mailing by Arizona Internet Professionals Association [AZIPA] and so I have been getting quite a few Arizona listings recently. Thank you!
Just 4 Words (August 1, 1999)
Beta Site
Been playing around with a site where the viewer submits 4 words and I'll write a piece based on those words. This came out of a low point where I wasn't sure people were seeing my work, so if no one saw this site and no one submitted 4 words, then I wouldn't do anything.
The Firm List (August 1, 1999)
Splash Page Gallery
Though it is not ready to launch yet, I wanted to give people a sneak peak at the designs that have been made for the upcoming Splash Page Gallery. Any firm or designer may submit a splash page for the Firm List that may be added to the randomly displayed splash page when you enter this site. If you are interested, you may learn more and submit a design here
WoolFest '99 (July 29, 1999)
Pictures Uploaded
The pictures from WoolFest '99 are up. If youweren't there, here's your chance to see what you missed.
Brainstorm Kollectiv (July 28, 1999)
Bye Bye Brainstorms
I put Brainstorm Kollectiv offline. Sometimes projects just don't work out as a good use of my time.
Periodically Coherent (July 28, 1999)
New Words & Phrases
Someone came and took the time to create some new words/phrases using my image font Periodically Coherent. So I took the time to create them so you can plaster them all over your desktop.
The Firm List (July 26, 1999)
Updated Search
Made some minor changes to the search feature, so that "update" pages do not show up in the returns. Also broke the UK down into separate pages to make it easier to view.
The New Baby Name Index (July 18, 1999) Silver Platter Site
The New Baby Name Index was given's Silver Platter Site award.
The Firm List (July 15, 1999)
2,400 firms listed in 53 countries
I just did another survey of the site, and with the help of more than 700 firms which had added themselves to the site, The Firm List is now proud to offer more than 2400 firm listings in 53 countries!
The Firm List (July 14, 1999)
Mentioned in UK Magazine
The Firm List was mentioned in a letter to the editor in the UK new media magazine Internet.Works
The Firm List (July 8, 1999)
A Little Elbow Grease
My website The Firm List was featured in WebMonkey's Elbow Grease newsletter bringing with it a whole lot of traffic. All combined today, my sites brought in nearly 150,000 hits!
The Firm List (July 8, 1999)
Mentioned in WebMonkey Email
The Firm List was mentioned in WebMonkey's Elbow Grease email newsletter bringing with it a new wave of firms to be added to the list!
The Firm List (July 7, 1999)
New Developments in The Firm List Spotlights
I've added a form for people to answer an initial set of Interview questions (no longer online). I will then try to follow up with each person on additional questions. Some of these interviews will end up in the Spotlight section of this site.
The New Baby Name Index (July 2, 1999)
The New Baby URL
Today I spun off my very popular site The New Baby Name Index onto its own domain, and in the process gave it a new design and some new features (like truly random baby pictures). I have added ad banners in hopes of eventually recouping some of my hosting costs.
Cult of the Monkey (July 1, 1999)
Shh, Don't tell anyone, but I finally started the super-secret group Cult of the Monkey.
VanityURL (July 1, 1999)
Vanity Updates
Did some improvements to including the ability to request a "package." That includes various types of redirection and hosting.
The Firm List (June 30, 1999)
Expanded Detail for Australia & Canada
I've broken down Australia and Canada by their states/territories/provinces to accomodate their growth.
The Firm List (June 28, 1999)
Mentioned in WebCentral
The Firm List was mentioned in a newsletter by WebCentral.
Socket Shirts (June 24, 1999)
PC Shirts
I've added a second shirt to Socket Shirts, a design from my image font Periodically Coherent.
Socket Shirts (June 23, 1999)
Introducing Socket Shirts
I opened the doors to Socket Shirts, my little store for the tshirts I have designed. You can buy one online! The first design is for WoolFest '99.
The Firm List (June 22, 1999)
Introducing The Firm List Forums
Added the The Firm List Forums, a threaded discussion server for people to discuss various issues related to the web design profession and industry.
The Firm List (June 22, 1999)
The Firm List Forums
Today I opened the Firm List Forums which are places to discuss all aspects of web design. Come be part of all the talk.
The Firm List (June 15, 1999)
Spanish Press
I discovered that The Firm List was mentioned in an article on Anuncios Online, an online journal in Spanish.
The Firm List (June 15, 1999)
Mentioned in Spanish
I discovered that the Firm List was mentioned in a brief article on Anuncios Online, an online journal in Spanish.
The Firm List (June 13, 1999)
Redesign & Spotlights
Added a slightly revised look to The Firm List including some new features and the Spotlights section which will include interviews with various web designers.
The Firm List (June 13, 1999)
New Features
I unveiled a new set of features to the site. These features will be finished over time, but include the Spotlights, the Resources, Forums, and more.
The Firm List (June 11, 1999)
Ads Ads Ads
I've added an ad management server to my site The Firm List. This allows me to manage ads across that site and may lead to me actually making back my costs some day.
The Firm List (June 11, 1999)
Update Forms Added
Launched a follow-up form that allows firms to enter additional information about their firm. These pages of information will help viewers to get a better understanding of a particular firms capabilites and strengths. If you registered with the site previously, you may enter the additional information here.
The Firm List (June 4, 1999)
Canada Getting More Detailed
I've broken Toronto and Vancouver off as separate pages, to keep the Canada page from growing too large.
The New Baby Name Index (June 3, 1999)
Denver Post
Thanks to a nice visitor of my site, I found out that The New Baby Name Index was mentioned in an article in the Denver Post.
The Firm List (June 3, 1999)
1,700+ Listings in 41 Countries
With the help of the mention in that WebMonkey article, I have had my hands full with an overwhelming amount of submitted firms and suggestions for new ideas. I am working on them! As of today, the Firm List contained 1,788 firm listings in 41 countries.
Socketboy in the Land of Splish (June 2, 1999)
3 New Splish Pages
I've added 3 new splish pages to Socketboy in the Land of Splish. Take a look!
Lost on the Internet (June 1, 1999)
Introducing Lost on the Internet
In my ever expanding quest to master new things, I've added the knowledge/ability to add postcards to my websites. And the first place I did so was in a unique spot. If you head over to my VanityURL domain and type in a non-existent URL, instead of some 404 error page, you'll enter the world of Lost on the Internet.
The Firm List (May 28, 1999)
Woke up to find that The Firm List had been mentioned in an article about how to pick Web Developers on HotWired's Webmonkey.
The Firm List (May 28, 1999)
Mentioned by Webmonkey
The Firm List was mentioned (briefly) in an article on Webmonkey about "Hiring a Site Developer." Hopefully this brings a few visitors this way. Read the entire article here. (May 27, 1999)
New Splash Page
Got the splash page up for one of my newest projects: Nothing else but that, but get ready!
The Firm List (May 24, 1999)
New - Update List
For repeat visitors to this site, I am creating a page to record the firms as I add them to the index. So if you want to see which firms ave been added since your last visit, check here.
The Firm List (May 23, 1999)
1,500+ firms in 41 countries
I keep on adding new firms to the index. The List keeps growing. As of today, the Firm List contained 1,595 firm listings in 41 countries.
WoolFest '99 (May 16, 1999)
Plans Set
Plans are all set for WoolFest '99, a Woolgatherer excursion to Riverside Amusement Park in Agawam, MA. Make sure you're there on June 26, 1999 otherwise you're nowhere.
FindWool (May 16, 1999)
Introducing FindWool
For all of you who just can't get enough humor in your diet, and who are looking for a particular juicy morsel of Wool, I've built FindWool, the Wool search engine, which allows you to find all the pieces of humor in the archives that contain your search terms. Enjoy!
The Firm List (May 14, 1999)
Search The Firm List
I have added the ability to search for firms & places on The Firm List. This will help you find all the locations of a particular firm or a quick way to find the firms in a particular place.
The Firm List (May 14, 1999)
Search The Firm List
Added the ability to search for firms & places. This can help you find all the different locations of a specific firm or find if their are any firms in a particular town.
The Firm List (May 11, 1999)
What's New & What's New Email List
Started the What's New section & the notification list, both are to help you keep up-to-date with the changes that are taking place with this site. Sign up using the form at the bottom of this page to get periodic email notices of changes & additions to this site.
The Firm List (May 11, 1999)
What's New
I have added a What's New section & email notification list to The Firm List which will help you keep up-to-date on the chages taking place on the site.
The Firm List (May 10, 1999)
The Firm List Gets Its Own URL
In order to expand the site in order to "compete" with the big guys who are trying to enter the game, I have moved The Firm List to it's domain. New features are coming soon.
The Firm List (May 5, 1999)
Based on a great suggestion, I took several of the larger cities and built separate pages for them on The Firm List. This way, NYC doesn't bog down someone's search of web design firms in other town in New York (for example).
The Tribe of Woolgatherers (April 28, 1999)
Updated Humor Archives
Once again, and well overdue, I have updated the humor archives on The Tribe of Woolgatherers. So check out all the laughs you may have missed.
The New Baby Name Index (April 19, 1999)
Interviewed for the Boston Herald
I was interviewed for the Boston Herald about affiliate programs. The article featured me and my The New Baby Name Index predominately. Oh, if only I can make enough to pay my hosting from that site now:)
Socketboy in the Land of Splish (April 12, 1999)
New Additions
Just to announce several additions to Socketboy in the Land of Splish, including a sign-up form for an email notification list to inform you splish-page diehards of additions and new features to this site.
The New Baby Name Index (April 9, 1999)
Toy Store!
I've done even more in my efforts to update & expand The New Baby Name Index. I've teamed up with to offer a Toy & Game Store on the Baby Name site. Buy some toys now!
The New Baby Name Index (April 7, 1999)
I have finally started much needed changes to The New Baby Name Index [offline]. The biggest change is the addition of the Magazine/News Stand where you can get great deals on your favorite magazine subscriptions.
VanityURL (March 25, 1999)
Introducing VanityURL
Put up the beginnings of a site for creating and using alternate TLDs at VanityURL]. If your curious as to what I am talking about, take a look.
8Track On My Mind (March 21, 1999)
Made some long overdue updates to the 8 Track on My Mind site. Take a look.
Dr. Woolittle (February 25, 1999)
Introducing Dr. Woolittle
I have officially opened the latest Woolgatherer site: Dr. Woolittle a Woolgatherer site for animal humor. Talk with the animals, laugh with the animals.
WoolMail (February 25, 1999)
Introducing WoolMail
Tired of just writing letters to your favorite sheep? Tired of playing the telephone game? Well now, using WoolMail you can send email with that Woolgatherer touch. Email. Free. Good.
Socketboy in the Land of Splish (February 22, 1999)
Updates Galore
have been adding quite a few splish pages to Socketboy in the Land of Splish. All from cleaning out my brain (I mean hard drive).
If I Had But 1/2 A Brain (February 21, 1999)
Added Examples
I added some examples to If I Had But 1/2 A Brain. Take a look and then submit your URL.
The Tribe of Woolgatherers (February 21, 1999)
Updated Archives
Finally uploaded the mailings of The Tribe of Woolgatherers for the last 4 months. So if you have missed any humor, check it out.
The Firm List 2 (February 19, 1999)
Introducing The Firm List 2
Have been making a lot of updates to the original Firm List, but now I am developing a spin-off of that site, based on a user suggestion. Hence, The Firm List 2 which will be an index of game development firms on the web. Take a sneak peak (not much there) and help me by submitting any game companies you know of.
ScreenShots (February 11, 1999)
ScreenShots No More
I finally remembered to take down ScreenShots today as it was replaced in intention by
MatteNet (January 27, 1999)
New Stories
I've added a group of my old Stories to MatteNet. They are varied and perhaps scattered in their trains of thought, but perphaps you can still buy a ticket and make it on the next train.
apocalypse (January 24, 1999)
Introducing apocalypse
I've added a new poem to MatteNet, Apocalypse. This is a poem I wrote in 1991 but have edited it and changed it since then. Who said nothing good came out of Latin class in high school? (January 22, 1999)
Finally finished the first version of my online portfolio site This is home to my resume, bio, sites, web views, rates and contact info. If you're looking for a talented person for a job, check to see if I might be right for the job.
MatteNet (January 20, 1999)
MatteNet Moves
Decided to move my personal site, MatteNet, to my newest server, This is version 9 of MatteNet and will be expanding as I upload content that I've got sitting around. More stories, poems and more.
Anyways... (January 7, 1999)
Introducing Anyways...
Got a story to tell? Want to help tell someone else's story? Well, Anyways... is a site for collaborative storytelling. Here you can tell stories step by step.
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