Matte Elsbernd web publisher. writer. photographer. 30 years experience.
The web has always attracted me as a way to express my ideas. My ideas come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it's visual, verbal or programmatical, I've found some way to explore them, whether it turned into an actual website, stopped as a small demo, or remains simply an (not so) used idea that is waiting for someone else to take up and run with.
The sites/projects below are pretty much 100% my work from idea to writing, design, development, etc. I think it's a pretty impressive list, but it's still just a sliver of the ones I've wanted to build.
What's New: The Latest Developments
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What Was New in 1998
I'm Dreaming of a Wool Christmas (December 22, 1998)
Introducing I'm Dreaming of a Wool Christmas
It's official, Christmas is upon us and to celebrate it in woolen style, I'm Dreaming of a Wool Christmas is up at it's official site.
I'm Dreaming of a Wool Christmas (December 7, 1998)
Sneak Preview
Getting ready for the holidays? Need a dose of Christmas cheer? How about a sneak preview of the newest Wool site? Catch a preview of I'm Dreaming of a Wool Christmas.
The Firm List (November 10, 1998)
More Firms
Updated the listings on The Firm List. I also started a new feature of regional spotlights, where I focus on a particular city or town and do an extensive search for firms in that region. Off you go!
The Tribe of Woolgatherers (November 6, 1998)
The Tribe of Woolgatherers is getting bigger. Now the hub not only for the official site of The Tribe of Woolgatherers, but for a plethora of affiliate sites to satisfy all your humor needs.
Soiled Wool (November 5, 1998)
Introducing Soiled Wool
Have you had your fill of humor about the President? If not, I've got the answer. Swing over to my latest humor site Soiled Wool. It's a regular riot.
Anyways... (November 1, 1998)
Beta Site
I'm playing around with a new site around storytelling online. I'll keep you posted.
Ransom Letters (October 28, 1998)
Now Featuring the Letter Z
We can all finally get some ZZZZZ's. That's because I finally got around to adding the letter Z to the Ransom Letters font. They had been missing for a while and a friend of mine desperately needed them (so he could misspell a word!) Enjoy. Check them out and tell me what you think.
Formulaic (October 22, 1998)
New Pieces
There are new pieces of form art at Formulaic. Check them out and tell me what you think.
The Tribe of Woolgatherers (October 21, 1998)
Updated Archives
I finally made a long overdue update of The Tribe of Woolgatherers. In the humor archives I've added the humor from June through today. So dig in and enjoy. And if you're not already a Woolgatherer, join!
The Firm List (October 18, 1998)
Introducing The Firm List
The Firm List is a revised and updated guide to design firms for the web. This index was found in an early form as Tables of Content which has now been closed.
SteelWool (October 16, 1998)
Stupid Updates
Steel Wool has been updated. Now there's even more humor of the stupid and inane available for your enjoyment.
Formulaic (October 8, 1998)
Introducing Formulaic
Formulaic has finally been uploaded! This is a site thats been in development for a while. I just couldn't settle upon a suitable interface for it, and I think I have. Check it out!
Browser Wars (October 7, 1998)
New Browser
Browser Wars has been updated with two "Best Viewed With...." buttons submitted by a dedicated viewer of the site. Go take a look, become inspired, and submit stuff of your own!
MatteNet (October 1, 1998)
Version 8
Site update.
Socketboy in the Land of Splish (August 29, 1998)
Introducing Socketboy in the Land of Splish
Socketboy in the Land of Splish chronicals my journeys through the nether regions of splash pages and my subconscious. Do you dare?
8Track On My Mind (August 21, 1998)
Introducing 8Track On My Mind
8Track On My Mind is home to mix tape recipes of my own and eventually of others. The site includes forms for submitting your own recipes as well as links for the bands included.
Anywhere.? (August 15, 1998)
Revised Anywhere.? adding links to all the domain registration addresses I could find. So now you can check to see if your favorite domains are available around the world.
Touch Tone TT (August 15, 1998)
Introducing Touch Tone TT
The newest image font: Touch Tone TT explores the world of phone literacy. See what your name would be in numbers.
Click Me! (August 12, 1998)
New Banner
FInally added a new banner to Click Me! This one was made to be placed on Go see it now!
LinkArt (August 8, 1998)
Added a new linked creation to LinkArt. Random links to key words and beyond.
Browser Wars (August 8, 1998)
New Browser
Surf over to Browser Wars and see the latest browser: Gorditas URL Viewer. It's the only way to view the Che Wide Web.
Browser Wars (July 24, 1998)
Best Viewed With Buttons
Take a walk over to Browser Wars and grab yourself one of the new "Best Viewed With.." buttons for each of your favorite browsers. Make sure people who visit your website know which browser your site was built to be view with.
The New Baby Name Index (July 21, 1998)
The New Baby Name Index also has a new splash page and in the bookstore section, has a featured book with a review by the author herself. This is just the first step in many overdue updates.
The Tribe of Woolgatherers (July 17, 1998)
The Tribe of Woolgatherers has a new splash page! This is the second-ever attempt at Flash animation, so be easy on me.
LinkArt (July 15, 1998)
Link Art has been updated once more. Wonder where it will lead you to this time!
Society of Postmodern Archaeologists (July 15, 1998)
Introducing The Postmodern Archaeology Report
The Postmodern Archaeology Report has been moved to my personal portion of the site. I've meant to develop this concept more, but haven't had the chance nor the inspiration.
SteelWool (July 10, 1998)
Introducing SteelWool
Steel Wool is the first of many co-brandings of The Tribe of Woolgatherers. Merging's quest for world domination with the Tribe's quest for humor around the world, Steel Wool is home to a small slice of humor with a big impact.
ScreenShots (July 1, 1998)
Introducing ScreenShots
Screen Shots [is a much needed encapsulation of the websites I have worked on up until this point. Not having the luxury & security to simply point people towards the actual site (for various reasons...blasted Frontpage!) I have captured a screen shot and a little explanation for each one.
Anywhere.? (June 20, 1998)
Anywhere.? has undergone a redesign which makes it a little easier to use, faster to load, and adds more functionality.
LinkArt (June 13, 1998)
New Pieces
Added two new linked creations to LinkArt. It's really weird what sort of stuff you'll come up with if you started searching the web with just a few random words.
Click Me! (June 6, 1998)
New Banners
There are more banners for you to enjoy when you visit Click Me!
If I Had But 1/2 A Brain (June 6, 1998)
For those of you who've ever visited my site If I Had But 1/2 A Brain, you may have noticed that it still retained the name and the navigation structure of my old Electrical Socket Production pages. Well, I finally managed to update the design of the site, and I have plans to add additional features to it soon.
MatteNet (June 3, 1998)
Reintroducing MatteNet
For all of you interested in a little closer look of who I am, I brought back my personal pages MatteNet. It features stories and pictures of a personal nature.
If I Had But 1/2 A Brain (June 1, 1998)
Version 2
Introducing an updated design for this site.
Ransom Letters (May 30, 1998)
Finally revised the site for the image font Ransom Letters. Mainly just a visual overhaul, I have added the ability for you to submit URLS of work you've done using the font, as well as some banners I have created using it.
Ransom Letters (May 28, 1998)
Updated Downloads
Finally pulled all of the image fonts together into .sit and .zip files. This will make the downloads easier. Check out the Ransom Letters.
Periodically Coherent (May 28, 1998)
Updated Downloads
Finally pulled all of the image fonts together into .sit and .zip files. This will make the downloads easier. Check out Periodically Coherent.
HexHues (May 28, 1998)
Made some changes with the Hexagonal Hues website. Now, in addition to the colors you name from out of the entire spectrum of colors, I've created a handy guide to the "web-safe" color palette.
LinkArt (May 26, 1998)
New Piece
Added a new linked creation to LinkArt. Perhaps the fun of this site is in creating the concept and filling it with all sorts of random associations/links.
LinkArt (May 10, 1998)
Introducing LinkArt
Created a new site: LinkArt. This is a little experiment with themed-links: collecting a range of URLs based upon a central theme or phrase.
The Firm List (May 10, 1998)
Redesigned the structure of Tables of Content in order to faciliate the 20-30 new links I have been adding each week.
Browser Wars (May 5, 1998)
New Browser
Added a brand new browser to Browser Wars. Based upon the suggestion of my friend Scott McClintock, I created a VW Beetle Browser.
Click Me! (May 4, 1998)
New Banner
Added a new banner in Click Me! This is a banner I designed for my friend Lan's website.
The Firm List (April 1, 1998)
Introducing Tables of Content
From the overstuffed bookmark folders of my Netscape, I have pulled together a site full of links - first of web design firms. Hope it becomes useful.
Brainstorm Kollectiv (February 1, 1998)
Introducing Brainstorm Kollectiv
Need an idea, Brainstorm Kollectiv can help you.
Click Me! (February 1, 1998)
Introducing Click Me!
A new little site to showcase some of the banner ads I've designed over the years.
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