tripping into words i have always forsaken
i find myself in the mess
i have always forgotten.

the chocolate-icing happiness which
i have wrapped around myself as a disguise
has been torn off
by the ice-scrappers of reality.

the mud is inches deep
in these darkest chasms
i find myself walking through.

you thought you knew me until right now,
and now you are unsure
if you ever want to know me again.
i cannot not blame you for being scared,
i will not stop you from running away,
but i will never forget you.

bareboned nightmares
rear up to stare into my eyes.
they know i am done for,
they are just waiting for me to stumble.

if i fall to the ground soon
there will be a feast for them.

and so they come from all around
to the banquet of my worst fears.

copyright © 1994 Matte Elsbernd
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