oh guru
of the bit, the byte and the cd-rom,
i offer up to you a sacrifice:
my 8-track player & my collection of George Jones.

oh master
of ROM, RAM, and floppy disks,
i dedicate my life
to fufilling your every gigabyte.

oh lord
of mother boards, ethernet cards, and 3-D mice,
i grant you the honor of my first born
to make into a cyborg in your image.

i craft words for your pentium presence,
i spin webs for all your serial ports.
i bow down before your hard drive,
i kneel in the presence of your floating processors.

my CPU,
my PowerPc,
you are the VDT i gaze into to see my future;
all my liveliness depends on my OS i get through you.

tomorrow may be the dawn of virtual reality,
but your SCSI chain will be the only reality i know.

copyright © 1995 Matte Elsbernd
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