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I build websites. You're on one of my websites. This is as much a portfolio as any collection of sites I've done for the local mom & pop or that that went out of business. But if you insist, here is my outdated collection of long-ago projects I did when I was still doing the design & construction of other people's websites.
These are all old. Most will not be online. You've been warned.
Outdated Portfolio
Bowie Art
Bowie Art

Bowie Art
Bowie Art is David Bowie's art site. With his gallery in London, Conduit was asked to put together an e-commerce site showcasing Bowie's paintings, sculptures and prints and offering them for sale. The design(s) of the site were done by various designers both within Conduit and outside.

My involvement revolved around building a usable gallery system that grew with the volume of artwork added to the site. A desire to keep the interface graphic heavy while managing quick downloads resulted in a frame-based system.

- User Interface

- January through August 1998

The site has been redesigned since my involvement.
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* indicates company and/or website offline, or not in original form.
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