Sometimes you've probably thought to yourself "If only I had but 1/2 a brain, then maybe I could think of something." Well, in case you never did get that 1/2 a brain, we have the solution for you. Your Name:

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If I Had But 1/2 A Brain
is a helpful too for those looking to build sites on the internet. Often the hardest problem is just figuring out what to do. Even tougher now days is finding a domain name that's not being used. Often you're left with choosing some cryptic equivalent to your ideal name (such as or choosing a random word combination (such as If you find yourself doing the later, we're here to help.

Here's how to use this site. Simply fill out the form above, giving us an email address to contact you with, the URL you plan to use and then any suggestions or guidelines you may have for us. Then as soon as you "submit" it, your request will be sent to our hard-at-work minds which will then go into overdrive to come up with a concept befitting your URL. In just a few days, you will receive via email a brief summary of the site concept we came up with. It's that easy! And it's Free!

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