yo dude


it was a blustery day.
a rusty day even, when mr. big came
to town.

and yip yo hidy ho was all he said.

and he swooped down from his steed,
changed his shoes and wiped his grin.

we all stood and stopped and stared
as we'd never seen this side of mr. big.

but Biggy changed that day
things were different now

he knew what the B in Big was all about

he swaggered down the wooden sidewalk,
right on up and through the swinging saloon doors.
the air hushed as he swept everyone's breath away
as they notice how big he really was.

though a piece of biggy died that day
cause he never forgatte ...

it wasn't him who had said 'yip yo hidy ho'
it was some guy named matte
Chab Willie - Thursday, November 12, 1998 at 13:03:18 (EST)

This little diddy sucks!
jim Bo - Content-type: text/plain Thu Mar 25 16:25:05 EST 1999

And the last he saw of matte,
He was runnin through the gate,
(With a griz bear hot on his heals.)
And the last he heard matte say,
Was Yip! Yo! Hidy Ho!
Look out man I gotta go!
( )
Lois - Content-type: text/plain Thu Mar 25 23:34:33 EST 1999

so he sat down and had a drink to think about life, when she
walked in. she sat down next to him and all he could say was
"yep, yo, hidy, ho!!!" And she looked at him and pulled off the
wig to show that he was a she and they were really on the Jerry
Springer show.
Jonny Rizzo - Content-type: text/plain Fri Mar 26 01:53:58 EST 1999

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