Matte Elsbernd web publisher. writer. photographer. 24 years experience.
Writing is one of those things we all do, often on a daily basis, whether it's a grocery list or an email to a friend. Rarely do we take the time to step back and realize what we're doing. To notice that reflecting on the words we use, the images we create - all of that matters just as much for a note to take out the trash as it does next generation's literature.
I haven't written as much or as often as I'd like. And so far, my writing is underrepresented online. So enjoy these aged nuggets and return periodically for something new.
Some Writings
I, the founder and sole member of Get Him or Her Some Girls, do dedicate my existence to finding more girls for this person. Every action taken, will be to forward this cause. 9 out of every 10 of my breaths should be used to ask or inquire in polite conversation that if any girls are interested, I have someone I'd like them to meet. If polite conversation does not work, I am committed to using other tactics. I am not above using bribery in the pursuit of bringing you more girls. If bribery fails, I will practice outright lies, and will try to convince them that your are a well-known celebrity and have the hots for them.

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